muhal richard abrams

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muhal richard abrams
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artists featured and collaborations (having a studio album discography):
– muhal richard abrams octet
– the muhal richard abrams orchestra

members or associated acts (having a studio album discography):
– clifton anderson
– fred anderson
– thurman baker
– jean-paul bourelly
– anthony braxton
– cecil bridgewater
– baikida caroll
– vincent chancey
– creative construction company
– andrew cyrille
– joe daley
– charles davis
– stanton davis
– marty ehrlich
– malachi favors
– david fiuczynski
– frank gordon
– dick griffin
– craig harris
– fred hopkins
– lindsey horner
– brad jones
– george lewis
– bill lowe
– ray mantilla
– cecil mcbee
– steve mccall
– diedre murray
– amina claudine myers
– john purcell
– roscoe mitchell
– roscoe mitchell quartet
– rick rozie
– warren smith
– mark taylor
– henry threadgill
– abdul wadud
– jack walrath